Five Disciplines

Spring Creek Christian Church seeks to glorify God by bringing the Word of God to all of life through the 5 disciplines of Spring Creek:  to continually devote oneself to the Bible, fellowship, unity through purity, prayer and evangelism.

At Pentecost, the Word of God was preached and people received the Word in faith.  These people were baptized and then added to the church (Acts 2:41).  The Holy Spirit led this first church to continually devote themselves to the apostle's teaching (Bible), to fellowship, to unity through purity, to prayer, and to evangelism (Acts 2:42, 47b).  This first church's faithfulness, as indicated by their devotion to these spiritual disciplines, glorified God.  Should it be any different for our church today?  No, it should not, and so at Spring Creek Christian Church we seek to continually devote ourselves to the Bible, to fellowship, to unity through purity, to prayer, and to evangelism.  We call these the 5 disciplines of Spring Creek Christian Church, and we believe that God is glorified through our continual devotion to them, and that by practicing them in faith, we become equipped to bring the Word of God to all of life.

  • Continual devotion to the Bible

    We gather as the church to hear the Word of God preached on the first day of the week, and we seek to grow in our knowledge, belief and obedience to the Word of God by studying the sermon and the Bible throughout the week.

  • Continual devotion to fellowship

    We stimulate one another to holiness and faithfulness by obeying the commands of the New Testament, in particular the "one anther verses".

  • Continual devotion to unity through purity

    We seek God's holiness in our daily lives by taking the presence of the Holy Spirit in our bodies seriously.  We gather as the church to participate in the Lord's Supper each Sunday and we purge our church of sin through the Holy Spirit's examination of our lives before we pass the elements to one another and partake in unity.  We take seriously the need to forgo participation in the Lord's Supper if the Holy Spirit reveals unconfessed sin in our lives.

  • Continual devotion to prayer

    We depend upon God by learning to be in communion with Him throughout our day.  We know how to pray during concentrated times of prayer by using the disciples' prayer model, as well as other models.  We gather as a church to pray during our worship gathering, we pray as small groups for the lives of our members, we pray as we receive email notifications requesting prayer for others, we pray through the names listed on the back of the bulletin, we pray through the church directory, and we pray for our missionaries.

  • Continual devotion to evangelism

    We are prepared to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ each day of our lives because we know what the gospel is and we know how to proclaim it while using the Bible, and other means.  We know how to give our own testimony of salvation, and we know how to graciously, strategically, and prayerfully proclaim the gospel and distribute gospel tracts and the Word of God at community events.