Our Pastor

My name is Jeffery Hayes, and I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior in 2005. At that point, I had spent almost 30 years trying to create myself into someone or something that would define who or what I was in this world. I was looking for an identity upon which I could be noticed in the world. I lusted for fame, and tried nearly everything to get it. It was not until I was falsely labeled a union spy in the hospital at which I worked, and denied any chance of ever becoming a full time employee that I finally humbled myself and said to God, "I can't run my own life. I'll do things your way from now on." After calling out to God in my pain and confusion over the false allegations, I closed my eyes and prayed. Suddenly, I remembered the Bible verse, "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10). I knew then that all I ever needed to define who I was in the world was a personal relationship with God through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ. I now had this relationship with Him. I was different and I knew it. I returned to work at the hospital as a Christian, but knew that I needed to find a new job because of the false allegations. Months went by, and after losing a job that another hospital all but guaranteed to me, I helplessly prayed to God for direction. The idea to be a pastor came to me at this time. I decided then to attend seminary to prepare to be a pastor. I officially became a pastor on January 22, 2012.

My wife, Danielle, and I married in 2006. We have 7 children, Hadassah, Moriah, Elijah, Micaiah, Hannah, Jeremiah,  Zephaniah, Havilah and Nehemiah. My favorite Bible verse is Matthew 4:4 and Danielle's is I Thessalonians 5:24. My hobbies include reading, exercising and writing. I am a 2014 graduate of Moody Theological Seminary.